Mass Communication

In the event of an emergency, Open Systems Pittsburgh, has top-of-the-line technology to facilitate crowd control. With our mass notification systems, everyone can stay informed and safe.

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- Smart Response
- Reducing and eliminating risks to life and property
- Restore the teaching environment as quickly as possible

Event Management

- Smart Schedules
- Manage your bell schedules and calendars from the web
- Site-based and centralized management
- Synchronized clock solutions

Everyday Communications

- Live Paging & Announcements
- Intercom for routine communications
- Call-in notification from classrooms without disrupting teaching

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Mass Comunication Main Features

Telecenter® U Mapping

Telecenter® U Mapping software allows administrators to easily view and interact with the schools and buildings in their district. Utilizing a familiar graphic map interface, the system provides real-time status updates regarding crises situations and day-to-day facility operations – from a bird’s eye district overview, all the way down to each specific school and classroom.

Intercom Systems

Intercommunication to an individual classroom, paging either the entire building or zone paging as well as class change tones.
For example we provide event management through synchronized time-keeping systems with the Telecenter U® School Communication System.

Visual Notification & Message Boards

Designed to quickly and efficiently communicate with a large number of people. Our most adaptable approach to meet your messaging demands is our highly visible displays. Color-coded emergency alarms can be used. The built-in louver system eliminates glare for sure, ensuring that your emergency message is seen under high ambient light conditions.

The Best Mass Notification Systems Installer in Pittsburgh, PA

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OSP has installed Mass Communication Systems for organizations from multiple industries in the Greater Pittsburgh Area:

  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • K-12
  • College Campuses
  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools

Brands & Services we provide for organizations based in Pittsburgh

Exclusive Rauland Partner in Pittsburgh

Our expertise with Mass Communications systems spans a wide variety of projects of all sizes and complexity levels across all industries.

Future-proof solutions are our specialty, and we offer expert services tailored for your needs.

Open Systems Pittsburgh is the exclusive solution partner of Rauland for the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

Seamless Communications System for Schools

Are you looking for a way to improve communication and security in your district, campus or building?
Rauland developed the solution you are looking for!

We are the exclusive partners in Pittsburgh to install these great school notification systems that can really help you. Whether it be an emergency situation that requires fast response time; regular day-to-day activities such as announcements from staff members about upcoming events on campus - Telecenter U® will deliver what's needed no matter where they happen within any facility we installed our systems in.

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We've been doing this a long time

This 70+ years old legacy Rauland system sits in our office as a reminder of our long-standing relationship with Rauland in the Pittsburgh area.

In 1941 Norman Rauland and George Borg entered a partnership that would change the history of the company. Rauland Corporation acquired the Webster-Chicago Corporation, a leader in school communications, and Rauland became firmly established as the dominant supplier of internal school communications systems.

In the early 1960s the entire line of sound and communications products was transistorized and made of solid state components. Recognizing the need to keep school instructors and staff in touch with each other, Rauland-Borg introduced the first generation of Telecenter® products in 1968. Telecenter® was the first-ever commercial application of touch-tone technology which has since become the backbone of school communications, worldwide.

In 2010 Rauland Introduced the Rauland TCU which was the first network based Intercom that used VIOP and SIP protocol.  It is now the Flagship product of Rauland in the Education Vertical Market

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