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Door Access Control

Feenics new product called Keep™ provides access control monitoring through web-based solutions and mobile apps via a cloud-based access of all your door access points.

  • 1-Click Configurable Lock Downkeep-logo-large-with-feenics-1024x639
  • Live Monitoring in Real Time
  • SMS text messaging and Email Notifications
  • Mobile Apps for Door Access
  • Cloud-Based control fully web-enabled
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Feenics works with Industry Leaders.  Your Facility will be secured by industry leading hardware that is field proven over decades of reliable use that means the same hardware that secures government offices, banks, and high profile companies will secure your doors as well.


Mobile Applications

Feenics Keep Mobile

Feenics offers mobile applications for users on the go.  Applications for iOS are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.  View Brochure.

Keep Notified application will keep you updated on all activity at the doors you configure in your devices favorites settings.

Keep Monitor connects your mobile device to important Access Control live monitoring.

Keep Personnel shows directory of staff and user ID for door access, modify access levels, control lost or stolen access cards.



Notification System

Feenics Keep - Access Control


Keep Notified is an add-on feature that can be used by a security guard post or receptionist desk for notifications and live monitoring of door entry locations.  Provides users a fully web-enabled single page that is cloud-based, no on-site server needed.






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