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The First Minute
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Emergency Lockdown Screen - TCU Console Unit

New Release – Classroom Status Lights during Lock Downs.  (click for more info.) 


The New Rauland Telecenter U

“The One School Network Solution for Emergencies, Events and Everyday!”

Rauland Telecenter - Pittsburgh
Rauland Telecenter U

Rauland-Borg Telecenter U® is a web-based system that connects and drives the communications equipment you already have in place throughout your school, your campus and across your district.

The system is designed to integrate into the school’s existing infrastructure, re-using speakers, amplifiers, and wiring wherever possible, keeping the total cost of deployment very low.

This new upgrade also dramatically simplifies the bell schedules for every school, delivering a unified scheduling system that is easy to use and fully integrated with the paging system.  Schedules can now be changed with the click of a button on your computer or smart device and bell tones react accordingly.  Emergency events that delay a schedule can be automatically adjusted on the fly putting the focus on teaching and not programming.

System Overview:

New Release – Classroom Status Lights during Lock Downs.  (click for more info.) 

  • Emergency Events
    • Fully customizable automated emergency events.
    • Bomb threats/Fire/Intruders.
    • Community-wide threats.
    • Weather/Medical emergencies.
    • Notifications Districtwide or school by school.
    • Initiated from computers, panic buttons, phones and consoles.
    • Automate your crisis plans through system features.
    • Live, Emergency paging.
    • Confirm every classroom is safe with check-in buttons.
    • Emergency call-ins from every classroom.
  • Scheduling
    • Smart scheduling through computer web-based application.
    • Play pre-recorded messages, tones, and music.
    • Change system operations, hours, snow-days.
    • Web-based calendar management.
    • Multiple active schedules.
    • Email notifications.
  • Communications
    • Morning announcements and routine communications.
    • Districtwide paging or paging within zones.
    • Front Office and Classroom call-ins.
    • Audio controls of classroom speakers from webpage.
    • Daily administration, event reports.

Testimony-North Texas Keller ISD implements Telecenter U throughout all 41 buildings of their district, increasing security and building emergency action plans.

Telecenter U Overlay to Existing System

Rauland Telecenter U

  • Provides a true migration path.
  • Overlay at each school provides a district solution.
  • Entire initial investment in hardware and software is utilized when a school is upgraded.
  • District can upgrade individual schools or all schools overtime as best fits their planning and budget cycles.
  • Can use existing wiring or drop new network wiring.

Rauland-Borg: A Market Leader

Rauland-Borg has been serving schools for 70+ years.  Headquartered in Mount Prospect, IL with Rauland focusing on Education Critical Communications and Health Care Critical Communications.  Since 2005, Rauland has 9000+ systems installed in K-12 nationally.   They provide a five year warranty, 24 hour technical assistance, and on-staff design engineers for your schools critical communications.




Open Systems Pittsburgh is the leading provider and service center for Rauland Telecenter Master Clock Systems serving the Western Pennsylvania (PA) areas local school districts.  As a locally owned and operated company we are proud of our experienced staff providing and integrating solutions for Mass Notification, School Safety, Time Synchronization, Bell Schedules, Classroom Intercom, School Clocks, and Total Classroom Solutions.  When it comes to the design, installation, and servicing of Rauland communications systems for your district buildings, we are committed to delivering a level of service that exceeds our customers expectations.

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